Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009

This year was Maci's 1ST Halloween. Maci was a ladybug this year! Adalyn and Maci had matching costumes! They were the cutest ladybugs EVER!! We had SO MUCH fun! My mom, dad, Nanny, Aunt Amanda, Uncle Skip, Adalyn, Allen, VJ, Jayden, Krissy and Braylen all come over to help us celebrate!Mom, Chase, Allen, VJ and I took Maci and Jayden trick or treating around our neighborhood and they had alot of fun and got some good candy and a nice little goodie bag (with stuff Maci could actually eat) from Aimee, Brad, Caroline and Carson! It was all a little too much excitement for little Jayden because she fell asleep right after the second house! Maci was full of herself as always and she was the center of attention! After trick or treating we all came back to the house to hang out and eat pizza! I think Maci really enjoyed her 1st Halloween!

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