Tuesday, October 20, 2009

10 months

It is really hard for me to believe our sweet little girl is 10 months old. Maci is growing SO FAST. She is pulling up on everything and she is trying to walk! She will walk holding your hands and sometimes holding just one hand! She will push her walker/ride on toy and walk behind it! She learns so fast! I can't believe in 2 months our little girl will be a year old. We are busy preparing for a 1st birthday party, Thanksgiving, Christmas and our trip to Florida!

My family has gone to Florida in December the past 2 years for the NMCA racing banquet. Dad and my brother both race in the NMCA and this year both of them won the Championship! They have worked SO HARD and we are so proud of them! Chase and I have never gone with them because the first year they went I needed to stay here and work, last year I was 9 months pregnant and my doctor told me I couldn't go so this year there is NO EXCUSE, Chase, Maci and I are going! We can't wait. Dad is so excited Maci is getting to go with him! He said he was going to take her to Disneyworld, Universal Studios, Shopping and lots of other things...lol

December is going to be a very busy month but we are going to have SO MUCH FUN!