Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Patty Cake

Maci LOVES to play "Patty Cake" she claps her hands all the time and when you start singing the song she gets SO EXCITED!!! Her other favorite game is Peek-a boo! She is so sweet and we never imagined how much joy one sweet, innocent, beautiful little girl could bring into our lives! Maci is our LIFE! We couldn't have asked for a more perfect, beautiful, sweet little angel! We never knew that we could love someone so much that it hurt!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

~She's a big girl now~

Maci is also sleeping in her own bed now like a big girl! She still isn't sleeping through the night but she is getting better! Some nights she only wakes up 4-5 times but then some nights its 14-15 times. We recently discovered that her acid reflux has decided to start causing problems again so we have put her back on her medicine and it seems to be helping some. She really likes her bed and sleeps so much better in it than in our room. I don't like her being that far away from us but I know it is better for all of us and we all sleep better, most of the time! I can't believe how fast Maci is growing!


I haven't been able to log into my blog for some reason, so needless to say I haven't been able to update in awhile! I am updating this as Chase and I are headed to eat dinner for our Anniversary! It seems like I never have time to do anything anymore, but it is all SO worth it!

As of about 3 weeks ago Maci started crawling! She is going EVERYWHERE now and she is into EVERYTHING! She is SO PROUD of herself that she can crawl! She will crawl a little bit then sit up and clap for herself, it is the sweetest thing! She is also pulling up on everything. It won't be long and our little girl will be walking! I can believe in less than 3 months our BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL will be one year old!