Monday, August 17, 2009

8 Months old

Our sweet, beautiful little girl is 8 months old today! She is growing up WAY TOO FAST....It makes me so sad :( She can say "Hey, Ma Ma, Da Da, Ba Ba" clap her hands, sit up on her own, hold her own bottle (when she wants too, which isn't very often), roll over both ways, hold onto something to stand up and she is so close to crawling it is scary! She is everywhere and into everything! Maci is such a happy baby, she only gets fussy when she is sleepy or hungry! She is so independent! I was really worried about bringing her to work with me before she was born but it has worked out really well and I wouldn't change anything about it! She does so good up here with me! She gets in her walker and goes everywhere! When we let her walk in her walker out in the showroom she runs and acts so excited! It is so funny watching her, its like she is wanting to say I HAVE FREEDOM to go where ever I want to go!! I can't believe in only 4 months our baby girl will be ONE! I can't wait to start planning her First Birthday party!

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