Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Maci's 1st Fourth of July

Mom, Maci and Caroline
Dad and Adalyn
Maci and Caroline

On Saturday we had some friends and family over to hang out and shoot fireworks! We had a really good time and the fireworks were GREAT! Maci really liked the fireworks! We had ear phones on her so she couldn't hear all the noise and she just looked at the fireworks! She was AMAZED! The night turned out really good other than one firework mishap....Chase lit a 12 shot firework on top of another firework that had already been shot and right as the firework was fixing to go off it tipped and shot straight toward us. All I could think of was what if Maci get's hit. She was in her stroller so we quickly pulled the canopy over her and mom, dad and me crowded around her to protect her. Thankfully she didn't get hit, Dad did get hit several times but he is ok! There were several small Children there but the only ones outside were Maci, Caroline and Carson. Brad and Aimee grabbed Caroline and Carson and ran to get away! After that mishap we called it a night! Thankfully no one got hurt! All in all we had a wonderful time hanging out with family and friends and just chatting!
Maci watching the fireworks

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