Monday, June 15, 2009

Maci's First Swim

On Sunday Chase and I took Maci swimming over at YaYa's (Chase's mom) house. She has a HUGE below ground salt water pool and it is so NICE. Maci had SO MUCH fun and SHE LOVES THE WATER!! She kicked her little legs and was using her arms so good in the water, it was like she was trying to swim! I even let her go under water and she just laughed when I brought her back up!! She is going to be a swimmer like her mommy! When I would take her from YaYa and put her in my lap she would cry to get back in the water so ofcourse we let her!! Maci wore herself out after about an hour which was good because we didn't want her staying in the sun too long! The sunscreen worked GREAT and she didn't get burned at all! We will be swimming alot more this summer since she likes it so much!

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