Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First Father's Day

Sunday we celebrated Chase's FIRST FATHER'S DAY! I started the morning off with giving Chase his gifts from me and Maci and then Maci and I made bluberry muffins for him (his favorite)! Maci slept the whole time I was making them but we didn't let daddy know that! Then we all went to church together and Chase got "the youngest father" award! After church we went home and all took a nap together and then we went to Aunt Tonya's for a cookout and swimming! We had a really great day and got to spend some quality time together!

Chase is such a great and supportive father and husband! Maci and I are really blessed to have him in our lives! Maci just adores Chase! When Maci is fussy (which isn't often) and I can't do anything with her I give her to Chase and she is all happy again! I don't know what it is that he can do that I can't but there is something and Maci knows it!!

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