Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day

I want to take this time to Thank my dad for everything he has done for me and my family! My dad is THE BEST by far and WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH! My dad has worked his tail off his entire life to get to where he is today. Some people make "crappy" comments about him but that is there opinion and I will just say they must be jealous of what he has made of himself. Everything my dad has was not given to him, he worked for anything and everything he has and he HAS NOT had it easy to say the least.
When Skip and I were growing up dad was so busy try to make a living for all of us that he missed out on alot of things but he was ALWAYS there for us when we needed him the most. Dad is watching Maci grow up now and not a day goes by that he doesn't spend time with her and this means the world to me. Seeing daddy and Maci play together just gives me peace and makes me so happy! Dad just wishes that he could have spent all that time with Skip and I. If it wasn't for what all my dad has done for us we wouldn't be where we are today. He has given and provided for us in more ways than you can imagine. Daddy thank you for everything you have done for us and most of all thank you for loving us! We love you!
Five months ago daddy lost his dad and his whole world was turned upside down. Poppy and Daddy worked together for many, many years and about 5 years ago they split the business and went there seperate ways. This made daddy and poppy have a relationship together that they thought they could never have again. They became so close and you could tell they loved each other so much. They have always loved each other but sometimes the stress of working together everyday came between them showing that they loved each other. I know it was hard for dad not having his dad here this year for Father's day, he misses him so much. Poppy we know that you are enjoying your first Father's day in heaven with your own father and your heavenly father. We love you, miss you and think about you everyday!

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