Thursday, March 5, 2009

Working Hard.....Kinda scary

Well this is what Maci does most of the day while we are at work. I know the blanket is over her face but that is the only way she will sleep. When I lay her down in her cradle at night before I can get in the bed she has the blanket pulled over her face. She must not like seeing the light when she is trying to sleep. I watch her very close at all times because this really bothers me but if that is what she likes what else can I do????? At night I let her sleep with a crocheted blanket because it has holes in it and I know she can still breathe. I have tried to put her in the sleep sack things but she gets so hot and throws a fit! Just thought I would share this picture to let you all see how hard Maci works all day. She is the youngest child I know with a full-time job!!

I am so blessed that I can bring Maci to work with me everyday, although some days are harder than others I wouldn't change it for world. I get to see everything new she does and it makes everyday worth living!

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