Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March...What a month

Well March has been one of the hardest Months since Poppy has passed.....It was Poppy and Nanny's Anniversary on the 19th and Poppy's Birthday was the 22nd. We made it thru him being in and out of the hospital for months, him dying, his funeral and bureal, now if we can just make it thru this month.....I know if we can make it thru this month we can make it thru anything. Maci and I went and visited Poppy on his birthday. I know it might not be the best idea to take Maci to a graveyard but I want her to visit him just as much as I do. It was very hard to go out there for the first time since his funeral but we did it and it was very peaceful! We sat there and sang Happy Birthday to him and just cryed and cryed. I cryed because I miss him so much and Maci cried because she wanted out of her carseat and because she missed him. The family met at Nanny's on Sunday and we ate dinner for Poppy's birthday. We mainly did it so Nanny wouldn't be alone on that day. Nanny did very well! I admire how strong she has been thru the whole thing. She has her days where she breaks down but she will never let you know it. She has lost so much weight and I am very worried about her, please pray for her. I can't even imagine what she is going thru but I wish I could take all her pain away! Lord please lead, guide and give us comfort thru this day and everyday!

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