Monday, March 16, 2009

I miss him more and more as the days go by......

Not only is our precious little girl 3 months old today, My grandfather Poppy passed away 2 months ago today. I can't explain the hurt and pain that I feel everyday. When I see his truck going down the highway I think it is him and I waive, when I call Nanny's house and she doesn't answer I hear him on the answering machine....... I miss him so much.

While he was sick and in and out of the hospital I was in the other side of the hospital having Maci and then ofcourse I couldn't take her to the hospital because she wasn't supposed to go anywhere for 2 months because of the risk of her getting sick so needless to say I didn't get to spend much time with him before he passed. Amanda, my mom or my mother-n-law would come over as often as possible and watch Maci so I could go down to the hospital to visit for a little while, it just never seemed like I got to visit enough. When someone in the family is sick it is hard to find a babysitter and you don't just want to leave your newborn baby with anyone.
Around Christmas Poppy got to come home for several days because he was doing better and on Christmas Eve Chase and I took Maci over to see Poppy because we didn't think he was going to make it much longer. We weren't even supposed to have Maci out but we fiqured this was the best thing since he was so bad off. Poppy held Maci for a minute and called her a "little squirt". Maci was only 7 days old at the time. I didn't take my camera with me so needless to say I didn't even get a picture of them together....... I am SO HAPPY Chase and I took her over there that day because if we had not Poppy would have never seen Maci because 2 days after that he went in the hospital and never got out.
We have all had a REALLY hard time with the fact that he is gone but Nanny, Skip, and Daddy have had an especially hard time with Poppy passing away. He was there EVERYTHING and they are so lost without him. The day of poppy's funeral dad lost it and I didn't think he would ever make it thru it, but he did. It killed me and Skip to see dad that way. Nanny and Daddy have found peace by spending time with Maci. I have never felt better when Nanny told me that the day she watched Maci for me was the best day she has had since poppy passed away. Nanny is now watching Maci one day a week and both of them have so much fun. Everyone says that it gets better with time, I sure hope that is true. So I am dedicating this to you Poppy! We love you so much and miss you more that you could ever imagine. We think about you everyday, all day and I wish you were here to watch Maci grow and meet little Adalyn Grace when she decides to make her grand entrance but I know you are in a better place! Lord, please give us peace and comfort on this day and everyday!


  1. great post, made me tear up! It's wonderful how God works, losing Mr. Donald was hard but Maci is there to put a smile back on your face!

  2. it made me cry, he sounds like a great grandfather.I'm glad he got to meet Maci. You should paint "little squirt" on a pic frame and put a pic of Maci in it so you will always remember that nickname he called her! Just my little input, you might have a better idea.

  3. He was AWESOME! That is a GREAT idea about the picture frame, I am going to do that!