Saturday, January 9, 2010


So I am VERY late on posting this but Maci is walking EVERYWHERE!!! She started walking like 2 days after her 1st birthday! It is AMAZING how many more things they can get into when they start walking, but I wouldn't trade it for the world! I have to say things have been easier with her at work since she started walking because she can actually get on the floor and play! I have so many people in and out of my office I didn't want her laying or crawling on the floor so she always sat in her swing, or in her bouncy seat and watched movies or she would play in her bed! I have to say she really enjoys walking around in my office! Her favorite thing to do is pull all 5000 papers off my desk including my tape,stapler, pens, paper clips and rubberbands......I spend most of my days when she is there picking up after her but once again I wouldn't trade it for anything! We have a really good time! She usually takes a long nap so I can usually get all my work done in that time! Mallory has been keeping Maci 2 days a weeks at our house for several months now and I have to say I am very blessed to have her! Maci loves Mal Mal! It is so nice to let Maci sleep as late as she wants too and not have to get her up and dressed to go out in the feezing cold weather! I miss her like crazy during the day but I know she is in good hands and her and Mallory play so much so I know that is good for her too! Mallory is going to start watching her 3-4 days a week starting soon! I feel it makes Maci's life less hectic when she can stay home, nap in her own bed and play with all her toys! I seem to stay stressed out constantly especially when I am at work and I definately dont want any of that rubbing off on Maci! I want her to stay a child for as long as she can and have no worries!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas

This year Maci has her very own Christmas tree in her room and she LOVES it! Here are a few pictures of her by it!

Maci's new car

Maci got a new car from Daddy and Mommy for her birthday! She LOVES this thing! She really likes to be pushed around in it really fast, yes in the house, now you know why our house looks like a tornado hit it! haha

Maci's 1st Birthday

Last Thursday our BEAUTIFUL little angel turned "1"! I still can't believe she is a whole year old, it seems like yesterday that I was having her! We had Maci a small party at the shop on Thursday for her birthday and then we took her out to eat mexican thursday night! Mexican Chicken is her FAVORITE, thats why we took her there on her birthday!! On Saturday she had her BIG birthday party at our house! We had so much fun and had so many people there! Maci got ALOT of nice gifts and had the best time ever! I am not a big decorator but I went all out for Maci's 1st birthday and I had so much fun doing it. I am completly exhausted and my house still looks like a tornado hit it but we had a blast and thats all that matters! Maci did really well with her cake, she ate a little more than half of it....haha At her work party she ate the whole cupcake! She acted like she had done the "messy cake" thing before, I was a little worried because she was so good at digging right in...haha My mom made Maci's beautiful outfit! Everything turned out perfect for our little Princess's 1st birhtday! Here are a few pics from Maci's special day!


Several weeks ago Amanda and I took Maci and Adalyn to see santa at the mall! Adalyn is still a little young to know what is going on but Maci on the other hand knows EXACTLY what is going on even though I didn't think she would have a clue....She was all excited about Santa while we were waiting in line, when it came our turn to go up Maci started waving at him and giggling. As I went to sit her down on his lap I felt her arms and legs getting tighter and tighter around me and as I sat her down on his lap she SCREAMED. I felt so bad for her but I wanted a picture of her with santa this year because she was too little to get out last year to get a picture with santa. Ady did so good, but I can only imagine how she will act next Well here is how our picture went........

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Taking a few steps

So about a week ago Maci started taking a step or two and then she would fall down! On Friday night she took 4 steps and on Saturday she took 6 steps twice! I think she will be walking in a week or so!!! She is so excited about it too!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009

This year was Maci's 1ST Halloween. Maci was a ladybug this year! Adalyn and Maci had matching costumes! They were the cutest ladybugs EVER!! We had SO MUCH fun! My mom, dad, Nanny, Aunt Amanda, Uncle Skip, Adalyn, Allen, VJ, Jayden, Krissy and Braylen all come over to help us celebrate!Mom, Chase, Allen, VJ and I took Maci and Jayden trick or treating around our neighborhood and they had alot of fun and got some good candy and a nice little goodie bag (with stuff Maci could actually eat) from Aimee, Brad, Caroline and Carson! It was all a little too much excitement for little Jayden because she fell asleep right after the second house! Maci was full of herself as always and she was the center of attention! After trick or treating we all came back to the house to hang out and eat pizza! I think Maci really enjoyed her 1st Halloween!